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Mini House
Mini house started as a simple but refined 15 square meters shed equipped as a weekend resort or guest house. Flat-pack delivery and quick set-up was key features. Now, the concept is growing and the houses will be available in several sizes with various floor plans. Apart from the original 15 square meteres Mini House we develop a number of prefabricated house models - Mini House 2.0 - with various layouts depending on user’s requirements for bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living space.

The Mini House 2.0 is developed in co-operation between architect and designer Jonas Wagell and the Swedish house producer Sommarnöjen, the leading Scandinavian brand of ecological holiday houses. Sommarnöjen is well-known for its range of designed wooden houses and will manage the development, production, sales and export of Mini House 2.0. The new range will include houses in sizes from 15 to 90 square meters, all with contemporary Scandinavian design and building standards.

The first models to be presented are two 15 square meter units, Long and Wide. Both can be combined into houses up to 30 to 45 square meters, will be available with a range of interior solutions and will be introduced in international markets in 2014.
The prices are not finalised and will depend on the client's choice of material and equipment, but estimated prices for our pre-series houses in 2014 will be around € 24.000 excluding VAT per 15 square meter unit. The price includes a completely assembled high quality wooden house with full winter insulation, electricity and interior/exterior painting, all built according to high Scandinavian standards. Integrated add-on units with functions such as kitchen, bathroom, fixed beds, stove and outdoor pergola, are available at pre-series prices too.

Prospects for Mini House 2.0 are available here:
Mini House Long, 15 square meters (3 MB)
Mini House Wide, 15 square meters(3 MB)

Arjan Sauna
In November 2013 Jonas Wagell and Sommarnöjen also launched a new collection of prefabricated compact houses, called Arjan Sauna. This range consists of 8 models of guest houses, hotel suites and sauna/relax houses. The range is an independent collection, but is designed to compliment the Mini House 2.0 both functionally and aesthetically.
Arjan Sauna are completely assembled high quality wooden houses with full insulation, electricity and interior/exterior painting, all built according to high Scandinavian standards.

For full information and prices - see the house company Sommarnöjens web site (only in Swedish): www.sommarnojen.se.