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The Mini House prefab concept

The concept
The Mini House concept is designed by Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell and started in 2007 as a simple, but refined 15 square meters shed equipped as a weekend resort or guest house. Flat-pack delivery and quick set-up was key features. Since then, the concept has grown and developed in several steps. Currently, the concept is only available in Sweden, but during 2015 it will finally be accessible on a wider scale on the European market.
The concept today is based on prefabricated volumes which are transported on a truck and placed on the final site with a mobile crane. All houses have interior finishing with wood floors, wood panel interior walls and few selected optional interior solutions like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and storage in place from the factory. In theory, only a plinth foundation needs to be prepared, unless the houses are equipped with kitchen or bathroom, which will require further planning and work (and local permissions) in regards to sewage etc.

The fact that the Mini Houses now are completely prefabricated is the main difference with the new models – we have amended dimensions to be optimized for shipping pre-build. We have also made structural changes to accommodate this. Moreover, this enables us to finalize all details with interior fittings and add-ons, so that the houses are basically ready for use once they are unloaded and adjusted in place on the final destination.
Two fifteen square meter versions are the standard models, but the houses can also be manufactured in extended lengths on request and connected by the short sides. Another alternative is to join two volumes with an outdoor pergola roof and wood deck – straight, or with an angle. These customized solutions can be modified to suit the site and the customer’s needs.
The fifteen square meter standard model is available in two versions; Long and Wide. Both can be combined into houses up to 30 to 45 square meters, and is available with a selection of interior solutions.

Price range
The prices are not finalised and will depend on the client's choice of material and equipment, but estimated prices for the European market in 2015 is around € 24.000 excluding VAT per 15 square meter house. The price includes a completely assembled high quality wooden house with full winter insulation, electricity and interior/exterior painting, all built according to highest European standards. Customized optional add-on such as kitchen, bathroom, bunk bed solution, stove and outdoor pergola, will also be available at fixed costs.

Construction drawings license
For overseas customers and for remote site, the only option may be to build a house from scratch. After receiving many requests we also consider providing an alternative solution with the option to purchase a full set of building construction drawings for the house and all interior fittings. This would include all necessary specifications to construct the house with local contractors and suppliers. The set of drawings and specifications would be purchased for a license fee to build one (1) house at a fixed cost of 1,500 EUR. The package includes extensive descriptions, approved technical drawings and thorough specifications so the entire build can be made by the buyer himself or be outsourced to local contractors (we strongly suggest the latter).

If this would be of interest, please contact us at info@jonaswagell.se

Information booklets of the two Mini House 2.0 models are available here:
Mini House Long, 15 sqm, pdf (3 MB)
Mini House Wide, 15 sqm, pdf (3 MB)

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The Arjan Sauna cabin range
In November 2013 Jonas Wagell and the Swedish holiday house producer Sommarnöjen launched a collection of prefabricated cabins, called Arjan Sauna. This range consists of totally 18 models centered around sauna, relaxation and well-being, including guest houses, bedroom suites, bathroom houses and several types of sauna and relax houses. The range is an independent collection, but may compliment the Mini House 2.0 both functionally and aesthetically.
Arjan Sauna is a range of completely assembled, high-quality wooden houses with full insulation, electricity and interior and exterior cladding. They are all built according to high Scandinavian building standards.

Press images and information is available here: www.jonaswagell.se
For full information and prices - please see the holiday house producer Sommarnöjen's web site (only in Swedish): www.sommarnojen.se.